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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  June 11, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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a tri-athlete starts out strong then wipes out in the race. >> it hurts like hell but it's all good baby. >> having to be air lifted but having a party this entire time. >> now get the story of a true survivor and his go pro video of a lifetime. >> to be honest the only thing i remember is don't worry, be happy. rescuers brave -- >> to help guide this little guy out. >> see the moment they manage to set him free. they don't care if there's a crowd. these two are just --
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>> duking it out in the middle of the bus. >> the ride that's a real drag. and a guy gets his girlfriend to co-star in an acti movie. >> happening right behind us. >> see why the real action is about to start. >> what? >> wait. >> wait wait. you're looking at some awesome go pro footage from billy maroney, first attempt at a triathlon. pretty spectacular. this is in laguna beach, california. took place may 31st of this year. he successfully gets through the swim and now it's on to the bike race. >> he is really putting his heart into this. >> right up until about right here. >> he landed face first on a rock. >> oh! >> ouch. >> can you hear me? can you hear me? we're going to get somebody to come up here buddy.
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>> there's your ride out of here brother. >> oh, ouch. >> he looks terrible. >> he's having to be air lifted to mission hospital but he's like having a party. being strapped down on a backboard. >> i've never been in a helicopter. i'm stoked dude! got to look on the bright side. >> billy said he had a sprained wrist, broken tailbone and, get this traumatic brain injury as a result of this fall. to tell us more about this go pro video and to tell us how he's doing now, we have billy maroney skyping with us from los angeles, california. welcome to the show. you're looking better. how are you doing? >> thank you. i'm doing good. feel pretty well physically. my head is still a little foggy. other than that one step at a time. got to stay positive. >> you look back. are you shocked that you were in
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such good condition to be saying all those things? >> it hurts like hell but it's all good baby. >> i look back on the video and to be honest the only thing i remember is singing "don't worry, be happy." i sang that about two three minutes and got the guys to join in. >> some of the participants in the race stopped their own races to help you. do you know what happened afterwards? >> yeah. i would like to give a shout out to scott fishburne, some guy i did not know before this race. three or four guys and one lady helped me. for them to stop everything you see the beautiful side of people that are just willing to stop and help. >> when do you think you'll be able to get back into the racing thing? >> i'm on cognitive rest. i have to limit my screen time. i can't get my heart rate up or be alone for more than about an hour. if i had to guess i would say two, three months before i'm actively back working out. i'll be there next year 100%. i'm going to kick some butt. >> nice. >> tell us about your go fund me
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page. >> the funds are essentially just for me to help pay all the bills. i'm out of work for the next three, four weeks. that should help. also i can't drive. so transportation through uber. and help get me into gear for the race next year and kick some butt. butt. >> first time in a helicopter! forget about guns and knives. weapons for protection load up on coffee tables and mops. this first video in sydney two robbers jump over the counter. they're harassing this lady behind the counter is the owner of the store's 16-year-old son. they're asking for money, take the register, throw it on the ground and kick it, tryi to k it open. the owner of the store was in the back with some frie k of the store holding a coffee table and scared the robbers away.
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>> they didn't even run after him. they just politely strolled. >> think about doing something like that again. >> talking about turning the tables -- >> oh, good one. next one in russia, these guys are also holding weapons, based on loose translation, they're after an atm. >> they'll need a truck and some change. >> and they're not going to need any of it. watch this as soon as the clerk that's there seens these guys grabs a mop and starts swinging it at these mask robber. >> cleaning up the town. >> he doesn't stop. there's two against one. he's not scared. >> eventually they end up getting away empty handed. >> i just used this to clean the bathroom floor. >> ooh, that's gross. that would work. >> that's what she would do. >> the video was released to
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police and eventually two men were detained. >> wow! my favorite englishman simon cowell. >> always quite serious. rib cage and also in the middle of the woodlands. it could be quite a dangerous rescue. rescue. >> we're going to have to hop over barbed wire. >> oh, my god, i'm too old. that's a long way down the other side. side. >> oh! >> he did fall. but then they get to the deer the reason they're climbing this fence. >> oh, fellow you have been in the war, haven't you? all right, sweetheart. all right, sweetheart. >> as you can see, they're helping to guide this little guy out. oh this hurts me just watching it. it's so awful.
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>> yet you can see its antlers has damage as well. simon says he's not so kesh concerned about that. it's the ribs and bruising to his body he's worried about. >> all right. all right. >> so they get -- >> funny how this deer being held by four legs. >> like a bag. >> pass it over the fence. >> they don't want to get kicked. they want to get it out of there. they put it on the ground and it's like thank you, i'm out. this deer doesn't need a rescue. i think it just needs a moment alone. alone. >> oh, my goodness! he just bolted right into the guy. >> playing possum. >> i think he was, like little initiation you have to trick a human coming close to you, then you've got to run. i think that's what happened.
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public transport is great. helping millions of people all around the world get to where they're going. at the same time you never quite know what's going to happen. comes to us from beijing. no real story behind it but older lady or auntie and this young girl is just duking it out in the middle of the bus. >> and the entire time her purse is still on her arm. >> it's a peculiar video. millions of people. quite bizarre. no one knows what's quite going on. they see an older lady dragging a young girl off the bus by her hair. another video from russia also a scene with public transport. about to see really poor decisions from our driver. the first one is this. oh i'm going to turn this in front of the tram. bad decisions. next bad decision is oh, there's a tram. stop.
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boink. i mean really? >> so dumb. >> even from the other angle it looks even worse. freaks out. jams on the brakes and makes himself a beautiful target to have his car nicely destroyed. a couple stars in a thrilling movie trailer. what is happening right behind her? >> why this scene is about to get a touch of romance. >> this is cute. mango cutting style that will lea you amazed. >> look at that. ththe e chchilill l ofof p pepeppepermrminint.t. ththe e ririchch d darark k chchococololatate.e. yoyorkrk p pepeppepermrminint t papattttieie.. geget t ththe e sesensnsatatioion.n.
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if you have one job, this is a companion piece to that. this is you think that wasn't going to happen? we start in greenland. somebody has a snowmobile. it's not on snow. >> it's doing pretty with el. >> yeah this guy does pretty well for quite some time until he doesn't anymore. the bike is like this isn't
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snow and you see it slowly begin to sink under the water. >> heading across the atlantic. >> he has orange on. there's a boat to the rescue. you know what? when you go somewhere, don't be that tourist, like that tourist. ferry coming ashore. the shore not exactly grade. like a dirt little area. this guy, doesn't matter. he's thinking okay. >> oh, look out! look out! look out! >> yeah yeah. you can see that guy -- you know obviously -- you know how sometimes you misjudge a step? >> yeah. >> oh, yeah. this is a trailer which i think is really cool.
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>> pretty good. >> right? >> oh! >> wow, barely missing the tail of that helicopter. >> oh, so close. she looks beyond into the horizon to thank the universe for having saved her life. watch what's happening right behind her. >> what? wait. >> wait. this is a special effects movie proposal? >> that's exactly what this is. is she's got no idea what's happening. >> what? >> when she turns around -- >> it appears as though she says yes and takes the ring. i've got to hand it to her, though. she figured it out really quickly. i think it would take most people a few minutes to process that this is no longer -- >> we got it. we got it. >> oh, it's a lovely moment.
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she's dressed beautifully, too, right? >> yeah she looks great. perfect proposal video. now you go to a nice dinner after. >> she's had her hair and makeup done because they're doing a shoot. this guy obviously thought this one through. >> do you know what i like about this? it's short and sweet. it is tutorial time here on "right this minute." first a wood chopping tutorial. who doesn't need that? somebody might. this time it's chopping wood with brad. brad is going to show us the tire method. >> i'm going to take a piece of wood here set it inside the tires. >> he has created a holster for his log so that he can then chop this log into effective firewood. >> you don't have to pick it up every time and then rearrange it. you're just saving yourself time mate. as an efficiency nerd i love this. >> and you're saving your back.
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pretty tough to eat and peel. >> you never know how deep to go. >> yeah. >> you throw away a lot of meat. >> yes. >> this is what you do. >> you're a genius. >> making it a flower. >> yes, is he. >> look at that. >> you could eat it on a stick. >> exactly. >> bite off each part. this is brilliant. >> like a portable mango popsicle. >> ice skating with fire. >> entirely different experience. this is brilliant. >> next "right this minute." and still to come grandma's inside but she's about to get a big surprise. >> her one and only grandson is coming to the door. >> her priceless reaction when she sees her unexpected visitor. plus surfers dare to catch some serious waves. >> in these frigid alaskan
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water, they're pushing ice out of the way. >> oh, my gosh. but their faces are still exposed. can you imagine how cold your nose is at the end of that? >> the worst. look at the water, beautiful blues of it and the size of these waves. it must be a unique experience for any surfer to be able to get out there, hit these breaks and waves as you look at the beautiful views of alaska. really really beautifully shot video as well. check out the whole thing, head over to right this and check out today's show or use our mobile app. two different grandmothers same exact reaction. we start in baltimore. grandma needs a little cheering up. news out of baltimore lately hasn't been all that great. they decided to surprise grandma. her one and only grandson is coming to the door. but she doesn't know it. there he is. stands to the side.
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grandma opens the door. >> oh, wow! >> as you can see, grandma is really really really really happy to see him. >> look at you. oh i love you so much. >> hugging this big man in front of him and all she's hugging in her head is a toony tiny little baby. >> her one and only grandson. and then -- yeah she wasn't expect ing expecting this right now. she was just chilling in her house. >> there she is in the chair. what are you guys doing? >> taking picture. >> we don't get no picture. >> she mentioned dj. dj's in the military. dj isn't home. at least she doesn't think he is. >> oh, my god! oh lord. thank you, lord. oh thank you, lord. >> two grandmas same response.
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cop car.
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a new toy. ♪ i'm declaring this the year of blue labour. now he has a sing sbl a video. the video is called "i want to touch you" featuring ava pearl and malana ♪ you are so far away from me right now so many meters away change those meters into inches ♪
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>> everything he does is hilarious. ♪ i want to touch you your face and your body and your heart as well ♪ ♪ >> this is the girl from the at&t commercials. >> yes, that is the girl from the at&t commercials, malana. ♪ ♪ your body your brains your heart you make me want to touch you right now ♪ >> how much of you he wants to touch. he wants to touch a whole lot of somebody. ♪ touch ankle touch shoulder touch finger touch brain touch heart touch heart touch heart touch my heart baby ♪ >> when he says he wants to touch your heart -- >> oh, wait. hold on. this is taking a turn.
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>> ahh! >> see what's great about this? to think about him as we first learned of him years ago he would do videos of himself in the car or in the bed. now he has full-on music videos. to see this video in all its glory go to right this and click on today's show or check it out on our mobile app. >> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time, everybody. sfx: engines revving. listen up. ready. ready. steady. sfx: engines revving. go! ♪ it's more than a movie. it's now a ride. fast and furious. supercharged.
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ride it at universal studios hollywood.
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it's got the power of a -- >> top fuel dragster. >> what happens when it snaps in two? they're after something. >> size of a soccer ball. >> the item you won't find in stores. dude loves his soda. >> we want you to bring back crystal pepsi. the the timeime to do so is right now. >> big news for us about his internet campaign. >> i have here in my hand the official letter. plus how many clues does it take to tell parents they'


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